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A Perfect Pool

        "Where Luxury Is Affordable"

All Swimming Pool & Spa Services Offered: Residential & Commercial

2022 Season Pricing

Chemical Balancing ($75.00 Service Fee, Chemicals NOT Included)

Complete Restoration (Call For Pricing)

Drain and Clean (Call For Pricing)

Equipment Installation and Repair (Call For Pricing)

Full Pool Opening (Inground $300.00, Aboveground $200.00, Includes Chemicals)

Partial Pool Opening ($185.00 Includes Chemicals)

Leak Detection and Repair (Call For Pricing)

Mechanical/Structural Leak Repair (Call For Pricing)

Liner Replacement and Repair (Call For Pricing)

Maintenance Weekly/Bi-weekly/Monthly ($100.00 Per Visit, Chemicals Not Included)

Professional Painting (Call For Pricing)

Plumbing and Plumbing Repair (Call For Pricing, $100.00 Service Call Fee)

Professional Vacuuming ($100.00 Per Visit)

Water Recovery (Call For Pricing)

Winterizing and Closing (Inground $300.00, Aboveground $200.00, Includes Chemicals)

Concrete Repairs (Call For Pricing)

Safety Cover Installation (Call For Pricing)



*CALL FOR PRICING (810) 853-8417